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Babloo and his family lead an ordinary life, by a stroke of luck, he wins a lottery right before a major event turns his life upside down.
EP – 01

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Bablooji has met with a lethal accident and is admitted to a hospital, the rest of family comes to know about the lottery. Will Babloo survive the fatal accident?

The neighbours visit Babloo to congratulate him for his ‘win’. Sameer, Bhuvan and Bancho go to interrogate a possible suspect. It’s love at first sight for Bhuvan when he meets Dr. Tara. Janki calls Titu Mama for help paying a hefty hospital bill but, he is in a sticky situation himself.

Titu Mama manages to solve his problem and be there for the family. Babloo is discharged and is greeted by the neighbours waiting for him at home. Love is in the air for Bhuvan. A new clue leads the friends to a shocking suspect.

We come to know who caused the accident and drama ensues. The local minister promises to build a statue of Babloo ji in the park. Detective Mangloo shares a crucial piece of evidence which could lead to the true perpetrator.

The boys go to confront the true culprit who confesses to his crimes. Everyone is waiting for Babloo at the park but Bhuvan learns something truly unanticipated.

The truth shocks the family and all hell breaks loose. Bhuvan delivers a thought-provoking monologue. Babloo and family slowly begin to move on from the tragedy. Bhuvan’s unsure of his future with Tara.

Bablooji is given some more bad news and is fired from his office but Fate is not done with him just yet.

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